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    Udar Gromov

    04:34 – wake up in Boston without an alarm

    05:11 – depart to VT

    07:25 – 113.8 mi – +17°C – first stop at Dover, VT to do some work, take a break. Only 20 miles remains till destination. Lira gave me a lot a food and fruits to take with me – kasha, bananas, coconut water, juice, and plenty of oranges.

    08:25 – resume travel

    09:00 – 132.7 mi – +19°C – arrive to Stratton Pond Trail Parking, Appalachian Trail, Peru, VT 05152.  Gave a fellow hiker an orange.  Found (09:05) continuation of AT Southbound on the other side of the river across the bridge. Hid the bike in the woods (09:20).

    10:14 – 155.2 – +20°C – seek a shady parking near route 7 and Manchester Depot to continue work. 16 miles till final destination.

    11:36 – 170.9 – arrive to Big Branch viewing area just a few hundred yards short of AT parking. Quick assembly. Move car into extreme far corner of the lot into a shadow.  Driver side will sit on the grass.

    12:16 – start the hike of the Brooklyn Rd. up the hill without a cap and without a walking stick for now.  Cautious first steps. Today’s destination – Griffith Lake Shelter – is 6.8 miles away. A $5 expected change is listed for some VT shelters, but it will be all free due to a flu season.  Entering Big Branch Wilderness.

    13:14 – first shelter – Big Branch (1963). Take some time for a swim. Why I do not have a hair comb handy – add comb to the list.

    13:26 – cross a footbridge

    14:13 – lost Pond Shelter is a little bit of the trail.  Take another swim – it is hot. Bugs are active and soon be annoying.  I discover that my bug spray level is low – I pledge to create a list of all refills and re-charges that I need to check/reform before next trip.

    15:00 – resume the journey

    15:52 – 16:34 – more work on the trail on my laptop. I worried a tiny bit that it is getting late, and I still have plenty miles ahead to reach the shelter.

    17:02 – resume the journey

    17:11 – see a Bad Weather Bypass trail

    18:07 – I am at Griffith Lake – exploring tent sites and taking a plunge into the warm on top cold at the bottom waters.

    18:39 – I cross a footbridge and Peru Peak shelter is right there (1935). Just as I collected water from the creek a North bound hiker couple arrives.

    19:27 – A home food is for dinner tonight

    19:49 – Shelter is nicely located right on the trail and on the river and near the footbridge.  My back is tired and longing for a vertical position. For this evening snack with tea I am having Cashew Cookie LÄRABAR.  It is very good! And vegan.  And healthy. It is a complete package.

    No signal. Strong calming noise of rushing river.

    One more lady hiker arrived closer to sunset.  It will be four of us in one shelter tonight.

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