01 Game Results – 2017-01-01 SUN – Celebrating Game One


Game Overview

A healthy 12-0n 10 game.  Sam P. had to switch when we found a discrepancy.  We played from 10:40 till 12:18.  Game stopped ubruptly and without any warning.  Most of the game it was a tough 1:1 fight, but shortly before 12PM WHITEs score two fast goals, and character of the game changed.

 Cüneyt picked for WHITEs  Stas M. picked for DARKs
 Many people just barely made it to the field after a wild first night of adventures
 First picks were Pasha (adult) and Serezha  First pick was Clive


Mar-a-Lago - First Game 2017-01-01 SUN


Game Timeline

10:42 – 0:1 – Leash gives a sharp pass and Yura B. (son Andrey B.) scores very fast goal
10:50 – 1:1 – Pqsha N. scores a seemingly easy goal from a good distance

* * * More than an HOUR without any goals = 65 minutes * * *

11:55 – 2:1 – Kevin supplies a pass and Dr. Yurik scores a lucky goal with a random body part
11:56 – 3:1 – Cüneyt scores a quick third goal
12:18 – Game suddenly comes to an end


01 Game 2017-01-01 SU



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