Обращение Василия Уткина к общественности, plus a quick perly from Russian American

Все, кому дорог российский футбол или российский спорт в целом, кто не желает, чтобы нашу великую спортивную историю просто воровали и выбрасывали на помойку.Прошу вас прочитать распечатку телефонного интервью с Владимиром Орловым – создателем проекта фильма про сборную СССР по футболу 1950-60-х годов . .




Immediate reaction from the Russian American:


Hi All,

So I’ve read this interview (above link).

Ok, 1960 team was quite good, but to call it the best of the times is silly.

There was this guy Pele, he was not bad too :)

Soviet teams never made a noise in World Cups, this 1 victory was likely an aberration.

Yashin of course is one of the all time greats and a few others were no doubt very good players,

but likely do not belong to the all time greats of the era. Brazil, Italy, England, Portugal and Sweden

were powerhouses then.

I understand the nostalgia and sentimentality: players of that era are dying, like all mortals.

That 1960 victory was used by Soviet propaganda many times, they were probably given dachas, new Volgas,

etc., but it’s not only Soviet but also Western top athletes who in those days didn’t get as much

as ones do in the sports crazed world of last few decades.

The greatest say hockey players in Canada and US didn’t get pensions and big contracts until 70s

Never mind advertisement endorsements, etc.

Out of curiosity I’d watch the movie about that Soviet team, and I still remember the famous Nickolay

Ozerov calls.


Lyonya G.

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