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    Udar Gromov

    CZ TS 2 Blue is an entry level ($1600 + tax) handgun that is now legal in MA since February 2022.
    You will find it under MA sporting guns roaster.
    Single action only means that trigger is super light – under 2 lb., but other that that it is undistinguishable from a regular automictic gun. You do not know the difference when you shoot it. The gun still reloads itself on every shut. And I still did not get a real explanation why even mention Single action only if there is no difference for the shooter.

    –01– Make sure to <b>insert the magazine with force</b> – otherwise magazine will not lock, the reloading process will fail, and magazine will eventually fall out.
    –02– MA limitation to have only 10 bullets in the magazine is achieved by a plastic insert into each magazine that can be removed when you are relocating to a freedom state.
    –03– You will see you accuracy increases significantly. The larger the distance, the more significant improvement due to many expensive features: heavy full metal frame and slide, long advanced barrel, light trigger (about2 lb.)
    –04– Gun is heavy, so you need to be fit to hold it in front of you for an extended period of time. I recommend to shoot alternatively with your left and your right hand to train both hands and both eyes.
    –05– The original CZ box is too big to be useful. For storage and transportation CZ TS2 fits into SIG Sauer box from P365. Additionally, you can even fit CZ 3 magazines as well. And you can padlock to secure the SIG box using one of two provided lock latches.


    Added 2022-11-02 WE 21:30

    –06– <b> Cleaning</b> – clean your TS2 gun about every 200 rounds with minimal amount of oil.
    –07– If you notice your results begin to slip – clean your gun
    –08– <b>Holster</b> – I did not find a good holster for the gun. I would like to try if CZ Shadow 2 holster will fit the CZ TS2.

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