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    Udar Gromov

    FREEDOM to get to a next point
    We live and make choices that bring us to a next point.
    We have an absolute freedom of choice.
    It means a complete responsibility of self for self.

    Absurd of search for MEANING
    We long for meaning in a meaningless world.
    We choose to serve a goal
    -1- to serve a government, our work, the faith or
    -2- we just give up 9passively observe of kill ourselves)
    By serving the goal or organization we reduce the available choices and make our lives seemed filled with meaning.

    Our EXISTENCE forms us
    Daily existence with its constant need to make decisions is forming us all the way to death. Death completes our development, but we ceased to exist at this moment.

    The HELL is other people
    New people see us as we are already completely formed (as if dead). They do not know what brought us here and what future decisions and plans we might harbor. That is why the HELL is other (new) people and out interlocutors

    We are forming alliances.
    Some acquaintances might know and even like our habits, skills and abilities. We like in return. Likes are just a collection of rare shiny pebbles out of tons of boring gray gravel.

    Parting recommendation
    The least expensive and the least absurd way of existence is a passive observation. If there is no goal, and there is a complete freedom of choice, it seems natural not to form an allegiances to people or goals to avoid disappointments. You still need to make frequent decisions, but you are choosing to reduce the number of choices by sticking with non action.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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