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    Udar Gromov

    Today – FR 05-24 Pierce Pond Lean-to 1,167′ – hike 11 mi

    07:03 slow start due to rain.  It was raining all night, and rain continues now.  It was not cold, so I slept well.  Today I have 9.9 mile in front of me on a relatively flat terrain – 1200 -1500′.

    Cuts on soles of both feet did not bother me at night

    08:32 put on a poncho and reach a dry toilet.  While walking through the bushes I found a whistle – how long ago someone dropped it?

    09:42 Rain is finally ending. Taking pictures of the Pierce Pond where I spent the night. I took a very long walk for water – good 300 yards, but water has a taste of decaying leaves, but it is OK.

    Interestingly, there are nor pictures and no memories between 11 AM and 2 PM.  Elevation profile shows that I climbed for the first hour and then descended the rest of the time.

    11:58 at a height 1400′ I was able to send Lira a text that everything is OK.

    According to my notes, trail is very broken down, confusing and sometimes one must search where the trail goes next.  At 13:43 I’ve crossed the river without taking shoes off.  Briefly, I even saw some sun, but now it is gloomy and windy again.

    14:03 I’ve reached some interesting beaver bog pond that is crossed by a peculiar hiking bridge.  I called a trestle bridge. Here I can take a break and marks a half point of the today’s journey.  So far, I did 4.4 miles in 3 hours.  I am virtually reached the Carrying Place road that I biked yesterday.  There is no signal.  I do not know if forecast has changed. Remaining hike still be mostly flat, but wet and dirty.

    14:30 I am sitting on the bridge and my both legs hanging over toward water. 

    14:43 new Keen open hiking sandals are proving to be very good.  They dry very fast and feet are very comfortable in it.  I bought them SUN 2019-05-12 at Nordstrom Rack for $65.

    14:55 I crossed the Carrying Place road.  Yesterday I did not notice where AT crosses the road.  Road is rather active – I see 2 pickup truck with boas and fishing gear are driving by.

    15:45 I am at East Carry Pond.

    16:09 Complete 6.8 miles. Met first hikers.  They told me that Bigelow range is covered with 2 ft. of snow.  And all I have is sandals for the shoes.  I would have to think about alternative routes.  I need to cover 3.2 till the next shelter.  I will be there probably by 6 PM.  I am at the East Carry Pond.  It is a gorgeous set:  the water and the quiet and no worries for miles.  The sun is trying to poke through but can’t

    16:49 crossing Long Pond Road.  There are multitude of trails and markers here. AT here goes along the road for about 300 yards.

    16:53 Revolutionary war commander and later might be traitor Benedict Arnold was trekking here back in 1775, and march of his 1000-strong troop today marked with a Carrying Pong Portage Trail.

    17:00 reach another one of these bridges on wooden trestles.  I see some sun, but I must move on as there are still couple of miles remaining.

    18:12 Snow!  Here, right on at edge of the pond there is snow – plenty of snow at the end of May.  I need to walk on it – there is now way around it.  Why here?

    Last section of endless track – snow that couldn’t be avoided.  Very sudden snow, right at the pond level.  If we have snow here, what should I expect at the elevation?

    18:29 Finally, I’ve reached the shelter – no one around.  I will be alone, although around 7 PM I’ve heard voices from the pond banks.

    Fire from a dry material saved by previous hikers inside the shelter.  Enough fire to boil water twice.  Water here yellowish, but tasty.  There is special water house that look like a doghouse that covers the pool of water for drinking.

    20:22 Here shelter is about 100 yards from the edge of the water.  Not like in Pierce Pond where you practically at the water level.

    Main course – Mushroom risotto.  After adding water, you should wait 20 minutes.   Very good, but a bit too much.

    21:08 one of the last pictures of the day – all my stuff neatly spread next to my sleeping quarters


    Day-by-Day Reference:
    TH 05-23 Boston – drive 232 mi to AT on 4/27, Maine – bike 29.5 mi – hike 0.7 mi
    FR 05-24 Pierce Pond Lean-to 1,167′ – hike 11 mi
    SA 05-25 West Carry Pond Lean-to 1,311′ – hike 8.5 mi
    SU 05-26 Little Bigelow Lean-to 1,801′ – hike w/o backpack 5.4 x 2 mi – first snow
    MO 05-27 Little Bigelow Lean-to – hike 11 mi through two 4,000′ peaks with heavy snow
    TU 05-28 Horns Pond Lean-to 3,151′ – hike 5.6 mi, drive 29.4 to bike, drive 251.5 mi

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