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05 August 20, 2010 – Wake in Switzerland, Eat in France, Sleep in Italy

Modified: 2017/07/22
Who is it? - It is a little particle. - Please come in...

On the morning of August 20, Friday we woke up in Geneva.  You have to show your hotel receipts at the kitchen counter to get your breakfast.  Lots of people of all ages.  Some tourists, but some looked like ready to take off for work. As usual, the roads were either under construction or blocked off.  It means GPS could not help us.   It was raining that morning.  It means pedestrians couldn’t help us.  So, we improvised our detour driving towards CERN in Meyrin (right on the French border).  We planned to be here on Wednesday morning, but Fribourg and Montreux held us in their “chArms“. Public is no longer allowed under…

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