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Read Registry value into a batch variable

Before I forget, let me share with you a fantastic way to read values from Registry into a batch file variable. Say you need to determine, what is the date format of this machine.  Normally you would read a value from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International like this: REG QUERY “HKCU\Control Panel\International” /v […]


Aug 13 MON – Vatican

  Today is Monday, 2012-08-13, and all attractions are closed in Rome. Today is a good day to visit Vatican. We ate breakfast across the street from our hotel in a place called “Il Lunch” (€16 – 11:42).  We are slowly gaining strength against the 6-hour time difference. Monday – […]


Aug 12 SUN – First steps in Rome – Pantheon

  We arrived to Fiumicino Airport in Rome at 4:30AM on Sunday morning. Temperature outside was +28°C.  It is 83°F. We got our luggage at 05:18AM.  Lira’s first experience was a smelly bathroom at the airport.  We wondered around a bit, and found a train station. First train (05:31 €8×2 […]

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MySQL Upgrade on Windows – Easy and Painlessly

How to update MySQL Server on Windows Machine   Preliminary notes: These steps work for MySQL Server that is running as a service on Windows machine. These steps were tested, when MySQL data directory is located on a different drive from MySQL  installation directory.   Determine your current MySQL version.  […]