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2013 July 03-07 – Hiking from Gorham to Wild River Trail – Biking back

Modified: 2017/09/16
07-11 First picture of the day

  July 3, Wednesday Around 13:30 on Wednesday things seemed slow enough at work that I saw an opportunity to make an early start for the White Mountains.  I quickly gathered all the things, and departed by 15:00. Around 15:20 a phone call caught me on route 128, and I made a stop on a Rest Area to connect to work and do some fixes.  The connection was unusually slow, and I couldn’t get close to the windows (for better signal) because of the sun.  Around 16:46 I was done, traffic became a solid menace by this time.  Instead of braving the traffic for several hours on the way to New Hampshire, I decided to…

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How to Cross Pemigewasset Wilderness?

Modified: 2017/06/25
Pemigewasset Wilderness - 2010-09-05

I always looked at a vast green area on the New Hampshire White Mountain map and wondered, what is it in there?  It must be like a jungle in there.  No people, just quietness and tranquility and calm.  But I  could never come up with an itinerary to actually cross it.  By the time you reach it, it is already time to turn back to the car.  It was always calling for me to experience the loneliness and mystery of Pemigewasset Wilderness.  Finally, in September of 2010 I’ve answered the call of the wild. I am describing here one possible scenario to cross Pemigewasset Wilderness in White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA.  You…

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04 Third day – 2014-05-25 SUN – Back to the car and comfort (I)

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2014-05-25 SU 09;57 Forest Road

Rephrasing the famous song, in the wild you acutely responsible for . . . Every move you make, Every step you take. If you slip and fell – it is your responsibility.  If you forget to pack something – it is your responsibility.  There is no way of escaping this simple fact. The night in the wild was quiet and uneventful.  I do not know, if it was raining during the night, because I put on earplugs.  I always bring them along to sleep better and ignore all the noises outside. However, tarp was very wet in the morning.  I was strangely cold during the night, despite all the warm clothes…

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