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Block Remote Comments on a WordPress site

Modified: 2017/11/05
Ban Remote Comments on a WordPress site

How to block remote comments on a WordPress site?   How indeed?   Here is a question for all of you – WordPress masters out there.   Right now I am a bit puzzled. Problem – Comments without Visits I am noticing that people are posting a spam comments in a very tricky way.  Somehow comments arrive with Site URL field populated, but I do not even have that field on the “Leave a Comment” form. It means that there is an automated way to send a comment without actually visiting the site.  Is it true?  I am searching all over the Internet right now. Looks like there is a product out there called CxxGxx. …

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Moving a IIS WordPress Site to Amazon EC2 (New Prices!)

Modified: 2017/11/12

What is Wrong with Home Server? After a RAID drive hiccup on my local Windows 2008 Server, I was more inclined to consider an external hosting options.  And one of my friends already uses Amazon hosting for at least 4 years now.  So I decided to invest some time to explore this option.   What is Covered Here? – Terminology – Pricing – How to  extract your original ADMIN password – How to open a Custom Port on My Amazon Server – How to transfer files using RDP – How to launch an instance with Instance Store – What if I am Using SQL Express and need a regular D/B Backup…

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All Background Colors Are Gone from All Sites
Solved with One Click

Modified: 2017/09/16

Just an hour ago your were a happy browser.  Everything worked great. All of a sudden, all the background colors are gone from all web pages on all sites. Pages are now looking bald and stripped.  What just happened?   If you are on Windows 7, I know the answer. You are in a “High Contrast” mode. To get out, press three buttons "Alt + left Shift + Print Screen" all at the same time.   Cheers.

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Histiry of This Site –

Modified: 2017/10/13
Site History - SunWebCenter

Welcome! This is not a typical article for reading. This is a log of important events in site development and growth.   2017 Oct 12 Thu First attempt was made today to transition to a new stable server with PHP7, latest MySQL, latest WP version and a brand-new theme. This transition is done under pressure from many directions: – old server finally died one day before replacement unit arrives; – latest D/B backup is available but too risky to apply in PROD environment; – an issue with Contact the Editor form was fixed here yesterday here – we are OK to go; Apologies, one more time, for loss of some small…

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