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Block PC Outbound Connections on Router Level (All but RDP)

Modified: 2017/06/25

This article applies to a scenario, when you already can establish RDP to a machine on your internal network from a remote network.  Now you’ve decided to tighten security screws and close all external access to and from that machine except for RDP on the router level. Inbound connections to a server you can block easily using firewall on the machine itself.  This article deals with a situation, when you need to block access for any process or application running on your server to the external resources.  Other machines on your network still would be able to make external connections through the router. Note: It is good a practice to change…

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Cisco VPN Client Error 51 – Open Your Firewall

Modified: 2017/04/30
Cisco Error 51

Annoying!  How Annoying! This very simple, very typical error message, but it is so hard to find a quick solution. Symptoms: You are starting a Cisco VPN Client and immediately you are getting this error message: Error 51: Unable to communicate with the VPN subsystem. Please make sure that you have at least one network interface that is currently active and has an IP address and start this application again.     Most of Internet discussions on this error message revolve around MAC OS.  But this error I was able to fix on Windows XP. Quickly – What to Do? Quickly – Open your firewall.  Each firewall solution is different, but…

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Windows Photo Viewer: Can’t Rotate Images on a Network Drive – Solved!

Modified: 2017/02/22
Windows Photo Viewer - Error

It is the the LITTLE problems that annoys the most!  I love Windows, but why Windows is so awkward in same strange and unexpected ways? This article is about one of such problems – Image viewing and rotation.  Why it is so hard? Do not even think to joke here. There is a very simple and very useful little program – Windows Photo Viewer.  It is great to open one photo at a time and quickly navigate through a pile of them.  It also allows to rotate and magnify the images. But it has a strange peculiar set of problems: – On Windows 7 x64 it sometimes can’t rotate images located in certain folders…

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