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Make Contact Form 7 work again – change your FROM field

Modified: 2017/06/25

I noticed that my Contact Form 7 started to fail tests without a slightest provocation. This article describes simple steps how to make it work reliable again.   Purpose Reliably receive messages generated by Contact Form 7 from any address.   Problem Many SMTP providers further restricted message relay policies.  They now only allow messages FROM validate addresses.    Solution  Modify your WP email setup -1- Open “Advanced Email Options” -2- Set “From Email” field the same as email account you authenticating  your SMTP login   Test your WP email setup Send several messages using “Send Test” on the bottom of “Advanced Email Options” page, and make sure you are getting…

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Invisible Files in Windows 7, 8 and 10 Program Files

Modified: 2017/04/30
Program Files in Windows Explorer

Summary First of all – it is not a virus! It is not a bug either. It is a feature, that doesn’t allow legacy applications to write files inside Program Files directory.  This feature allows legacy applications think that they are writing to a system folders. Symptoms You can see your custom files inside one of the Program Files directory folder through your application.  You can open them and view them and modify them..  However, if you open the same directory in Windows Explorer, your files are not there.  You can’t see them, even if your a super administrator of all administrators.  What is the Mystery? You can see your custom…

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Save and Restore Registry Security with Microsoft SubInACL

Modified: 2017/03/03

Problem You need to search and replace large registry databases with a set of new values.  You have a third-party utility to do the job, but this utility can only update values writable by administrator.  Thousands of registry keys are owned by NT Service\TrustedInstaller and protected even for Administrators.  What to do? If you simply use REGEDIT to take ownership and add full rights to Administrator to all registry at once, you will definitely achieve the goal, but you will ruin the intricate security permissions for dozens of system service accounts that populate registry security.  Windows will run but many features like Windows Update will become broken. Solution The plan of…

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Error 2155348315 in Windows 7 Backup – Resolved

Modified: 2017/01/18
Windows 7 Backup Error 2155348315

I started getting this error 2155348315 in Windows 7 Backup, when I switched from wired to a Wi-Fi connection on my desktop PC. Here is what happened...

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PC Sleep and PC Hibernate Shortcuts

Modified: 2016/12/18

Everybody wants a shortcut for PS Sleep to save time on clicks. Instead of 3 clicks Start - Shutdown - Sleep every time, let's have just one click - Sleep. There is a way to do that. Please tell me, if this also works in Windows XP.

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